The Current Messenger

Everything on this site is an effort to make the future more welcoming.

“starrf the Messenger” makes that possible.

Blending the late-night talk show format with a bit of “presentational theatre”, starrf [or *rf as he’s known in the Main Belt] continues to broadcast his message of “love and peace” to the past: leaving his own present far behind him.

Interviews with Pop Icons and Pop Aspirers alike, stand-up comedy from some of the oddest storytellers this side of the Galactic Center, movie trailers and clips from the cultiest blockbusters, musical guests that live for “the underground”, and, oh yes, commercials from the fine folks at “SIGN Inc” and THE COMPANI. This is what starrf regulates from his immense satellite: hovering peacefully between Mars and Jupiter.

A cacophony of futuristic fantabulousness!

For all of the O.C.C.’s out there [Obsessively Compulsive Chronologists], the exact years of the transmissions are, as of yet, unknown. But give it time. The more transmissions that are received, the easier it’ll be to decipher!

Until then, drop a line!

Make a request!

Give a shout out to your future progeny!




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