Secondary Transmissions

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Episode 948: The Somnambulant Chronologist

December 21st, 2012.

Ibsyn Vale won’t kill himself. He can’t. Why? He’s displaced. Time is linear for him. But, to any and everyone else, he seems to constantly say things out of order. In reality, he’s popping in and out of one timeline: appearing at random points along it.

He does so by “falling asleep” – a process in which, by falling backwards and slamming into the ground, he shifts into another time period. The only apparent pattern is that it’s always “future, past, present…in that order. I see what’s going to happen, I see what did happen and then, inexplicably, I’m right back where I started…well, a little more banged up than usual…”

Mr. Vale attempts to make friends, via knowing what they’re gonna say before they say it. “That doesn’t go over too well. Especially when I spend most of my time trying not to sound pretentious.”

Ibsyn constantly “predicts” political outcomes, though his warnings constantly go unnoticed. Relegated to obscurity, Ibsyn rides cargo ships in the Pacific: helping modern day pirates pilage “…a broken, sad, capitalistic empire…”

Main Characters:

Ibsyn Vale – separated from his wife…who’s on permanent leave as a “Doctor w/o Borders”. His motivation isn’t from her absence. On the contrary. Their separate lives are wonderful. He just wants to close “the final chapters of his past.” Ibsyn currently lives in NYC.

Ian – told that Oliver and Clint are “in the back of your mind…and they shouldn’t be there. They’re very real. As real as you or I. Hopefully…one day…your mind will finally be free enough to deal with the extra company…”

Jonathan the Maintenance Man – Currently, Ibsyn’s only tie to reality. Jonathan checks up on him by opting to fix things in his apartment that are never broken. Not for the sake of comic relief, but out of genuine concern.

Episode 8: The Stolen Altar

January 23, 2133

“It’s 1:59. I couldn’t be more bored. I switch through some pre-downloaded programs.”

“I know the Central Server has a list of everything I’ve downloaded. But who cares? It’s just documentaries and sitcoms…”

In the 22nd Century, a test program was initiated in various countries: world-round. 46 different television channels were unveiled. They all featured vastly different subjects – ranging from outdoor hunting to high-end home furnishing.

The channels were released on a 24/7 schedule.

Whilst watching, “Mars’ Mountain Minings with Jack DeLorre” Louis Pinquatre passes out.

He awakens, after an undisclosed time frame, in his apartment.

The place is a wreck.

Lou goes through everything: trying to deduce why his flat is in such disrepair.

His head aching, Lou rubs his temple: trying to ease the pain.

Suddenly, he starts hearing voices.

Main Characters:

Louis Pinquatre – A man who just wants to watch some good, old fashioned television.

Tevf Fantômes – A steampunk tinkerer with delusions of inter-dimensional travel.

The Representative – Information Redacted by order of GALAPOL.

Jack DeLorre – The son of the infamous Anne DeLorre, Jack spends most of his time looking for fossils on Mars. His reality show is the seventh most downloaded program on the Global Net.

Episode 49: The Steel Mountain

September 1st, 1983.

Mr. Kim is rarely home. This is all the result of excruciatingly painful nightmares. Nightmares that, try as he might, will not leave him be.

They are brought on by one thing: a soul-crushing career.

Main Characters:

Nelson Watts – Private Investigator. Looking for Stuart, he questions Harry and “the stooges”: the former at a house party and the latter at Battery Park.

Stuart Kim – Tough he constantly observes fellow city folk, he never voices his all-encompassing disdain for said city.

Harry Gila – Throws house parties for his neighborhood: late twenty-something’s that are still yearning for their college days…via New Wave. “Hard liquor, strobe lights, heavy synth and getting high!”

Tomas DeSanti – All-around nice guy.

Adam Klein – The first of many…

Thurgood Foreman- Street pharmacist to the Wall Street crowd. Rarely ever leaves Battery Park. Rarely ever needs to.

Marshall Demme – Thurgood’s right-hand man.

Episode 393: The Calm Tempest

October 17th, 2013

A hermit invites two of his enemies to his apartment…to slay them. Why? Divorce is hard on some people…

Main Characters:

Homer Knott – 32, separated from his wife, who’s on permanent leave as a “Doctor w/o Borders”. His motivation isn’t from her absence. On the contrary. Their separate lives are wonderful. He just wants to close “the final chapters of his past.” Homer currently lives in NYC.

Bree Nallig – 34, separated from Mr. Knott, on permanent leave as a “Doctor w/o Borders”. Content with the divorce proceedings. Currently living in Zanzibar.

Timothy Tomas – 33, enjoys couscous and lamb with Mr. Knott before meeting his fate.

Steven LaCrue – 36, given a Columbian necktie for Halloween.

Ian – ??, recently told that Oliver and Clint are “in the back: waiting for you…”

Episode 2,401: The Nowhere Conundrum

October ??, 2010

A day in the life of two talkers and a silent-type, Oliver, Ian & Clint are scheming against the entertainment industry.

Main Characters:

Oliver – ??, couldn’t be more assured that he, and he alone, will take over the globe: rope-a-dope-style.

Ian – ??, is unsure of where Oliver & Clint came from.

Clint – ??, a mute with a heart of gold.

Episode 186,531: The Tipping Vertex

September 11th, 2183

A content man is made quite uncomfortable by his best friend. How could he have known what he would see? How could he know that, one hundred & ninety-six years prior, he’d be known as “The Bewildered Ghost”?

Main Characters:

Richard Smith – 30’s, is a loader at Sol Industries & Grand News Incorporated. Comfortably middle-class, and recently divorced, he has no real problems in life.

Dale Brenner – 33, works at Sol Industries & Grand News Inc. with Richard. Also, just so happens to be a part of “The Resistance”.

Richard Smith Jr. – The late son of Richard Smith. Inadvertently met his demise by painting the living room walls, and furniture, with his innards. As did Max, the cat.