Paid Digital Advertisements from the future…


“As we all know, in the late 21st Century, when the first time machine was turned on, everyone found out exactly how powerful radio truly was.

“Not only could people receive messages in both the present and in the imminent future…

“…some transmissions make it back through time.

“If you know where to look, of course.

“But, if zero-gravity dining isn’t something you’ve had the luxury of enjoying, you’ll probably be confused by what comes next.

“Don’t worry…

…the future turns out to be better than you expected!”


Since it’s creation in 2162, “SIGN Inc.” has been the universal standard for market excellence, detailed scientific analysis and interspace journalism.

After “The 13 Day War”, the merging of Sol Investments and Grand News Inc. was amongst the first during “The Second Reconstruction”. The need for a free, reliable, interplanetary information system was a necessity for the emerging economy. SIGN Inc. took on the task by creating three, highly profitable divisions.

Quoting the current price index for Helium 3 is very lucrative. Especially since every ship in the sky relies on it for auxiliary power. Knowing the exact amount of “Tri-Helium Luna” on Earth’s Moon, to the atom, is what the PIE [or Physicists Information Exchange] does best.

Once the first “Stellar Apartments” started their orbits, there was an exponentially growing demand for health insurance. By utilizing over one thousand warehouses filled with “neural servers”, the “GIN” [or Galactic Information Network] quantum-calculates the ever-fluctuating solar radiation surrounding every planetary body. Now that “solar radiation trajectory” can be pin-pointed, the dangers of Pituitary Failure, Melanoma, as well as various other radiation-induced cancer’s, are infinitely reduced.

To ensure that the essential goods actually land on the proper planet, the “StraMarDe” [or Strategic Marketing Developers] produce targeted, intentionally enticing commercials, both aurally and visually, for specific markets. The reasoning behind this strategy is to cut down and/or eliminate UAT, or unnecessary advertising time. By calculating how much time the average listener/consumer spends awake, alert and online, StraMarDe is able to designate exactly “how much tangental marketing can be consumed before the intended message is understood and before it is unknowingly disregarded”. Now, broadcasted shows [including news, entertainment and sports] have commercials designated for each and every consumer: no matter where they are in the Milky Way.

Through the P.I.E., G.I.N. and StraMarDe, SIGN Inc. will always be there: using “commercial” profits to fund “public” information.

SIGN, Inc.

“Feed the stars, feed the universe.”

Brought to you by The COMPANI.