Ferryman Radio: Season Two

Episode 948: The Somnambulant Chronologist

Episode 8: The Stolen Altar

Episode 49: The Steel Mountain

Episode 393: The Calm Tempest

Episode 2,401: The Nowhere Conundrum

Episode 186,531: The Tipping Vertex

The Second Season of “The Ferryman Radio” focuses, primarily, on horror. The past, present and future are explored in gruesome detail. Each episodes’ “clip” is a reference to philosophers of olde, who tried desperately to warn us all of our own futures.

All of the horrors of the future, here, now: for your perusal…

Corresponding clip titles are as follows:

Episode 948 – “can’t…” – A reference to Immanuel Kant, this story truly delves into personal realities and questions them: relentlessly.

Episode 8 – “Customer Service” – This is what would happen if your Cable Company had absolutely no regulations. Don’t say you were never warned…

Episode 49 – “Often Aymer” – Given one character’s ability to displace space, the 80’s may have been more complex than initially believed.

Episode 393 – “Homer” – A 21st Century hermit does what he knows best…revenge: a decade cold…

Episode 2,401 – “The Void is Everywhere” – Though this is their first solo transmission together, Oliver and Ian have shown up in many other episodes. Especially Ian…

Episode 186,531 – “Of Id” – Here, we find the beginning of the madness that resides within Richard Smith. Why did he start his campaign of terror three months later? It couldn’t have been his job. Working inventory in a warehouse couldn’t be that stress-inducing…