Ferryman Radio: Season One

Episode 256,512: The Final Episode REDACTED BY C.S.

Episode 186,532: The Forbidden Transmission

Episode 947: The Omniverse Revealed

Episode 43,034: The American Falls

Episode 107,699: The Journey Continues

Episode 8,807: The Plasmoid Relative

In the future, incredibly fast, gigantic cargo ships ferry supplies from one cruise liner to another. These comically slow cruises are on a generations-spanning journey to find ‘habitable terrain’.

Anyone with a passion for something new or exciting was put on a waiting list to join ‘The New Day Solar Cruise Lines’ [brought to you by the lovely folks at SIGN Inc.]

Each and every passenger is filled with a lifetime of fun, ‘Soy Joy’ and the dream that their children’s children’s children’s children may live on a new, cleaner planet…

Anyone who believed that this was a crazy idea had a choice to either stay on Earth…

…or “Ferry Cargo”…

This is some of what the Ferrymen listen to…to pass the time.

Corresponding clip titles are as follows:

Episode 256,512 – “Circles & Triangles” – Travel, perpendicular, from the Solar System…

Episode 186,532 – “Without War…I’d Smile…” – The last encounter with Richard Smith.

Episode 947 – “fin: intense and purposeless” – John turns on the time machine…

Episode 43,034 – “The Mind of the Ill” – Ill Eagl-Einfall is a very dangerous man…

Episode 107,699 – “The Journey Continues” – Pondering amongst the classical, circa 2008.

Episode 8,807 – “The Plasmoid Relative” – Entertainment transformations, circa 2008.