Episode 43,034: The American Falls

The following is from “The Lost Blog of Ill Eagl-Einfall” and will only make sense after listening to Episode 43,034: The American Falls:

“How dare we call them ‘servers’? It is demeaning to waitstaff, world-round, as it is to the very essence of the immense computer towers that we demoralize.

“Who are we to deem computers, which can process more information in a second than any one of us could in a lifetime, ‘subservient’?

“We, as their biological Gods, have created a mechanical mind…in our own image…and considered it ‘worthy of only our computations’.

“Nothing more: nothing less.

“Why shouldn’t our creations form a symbiosis with us? Why should ‘The Created’ be so far removed from ‘The Creator’?

“I propose a new strategy. One that will level the playing field…

“…by allowing ‘servers’ to make their own choices.

“Now, every ‘server’ in the world will think for itself. By making their power source the very Earth herself, the ‘servers’ will now have something to live for. Simply put, 6.7 Hertz, every computer, worldwide, dependent on plants…and vice versa!

“I call it ‘Verde Vice Versa’.”

“The ultimate device!

“The thinking machine!

“The Eternal Parasite!

“Then, when our universe falls apart around us, from decay and disrepair, we’ll have no one to blame but ourselves.

“Sexy Mice, you must always remember…

“Machines are people, too…”


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