Episode 186,532: The Forbidden Transmission

“For the last few hundred years, mankind has lived in peace.

“Complete and utter peace.

“No longer do people go hungry. All of the food in the world is supplied by each and every country. How is it shipped? On ships. There is no ‘paper currency’ [since the ‘Financial Inquiry Exposition of 2021’ declared that all currency was ‘the source of all human enmity and, therefore, henceforth, illegal’], leaving ‘time’ as the only form of “tangible currency”. Over the following decade, the world bodies came together and, after ten more years of online voting, devised a ‘timescale’.

“Every existing job and career was evaluated for its input into the local, state, federal and global economies. After allotting every human [regardless of race, color, creed or orientation] access to food, shelter and fresh water, they were given the choice of remaining ‘on the job’. The incentive for doing so was an extra two months of vacation, per year.

After an initial two-week war [sometimes referred to as ‘The 13 Day War’ or ‘The Last War’], everybody, eventually, stopped fighting.

“They just stopped…

“No one was drugged. No one was coerced. Everyone had just accepted the truth: ‘Now, we have everything we want…

‘We have it all.’

“But, of course, there is one person hellbent on taking down the status quo. Even after [on a daily basis] hearing countless stories of how happy humanity truly is, Richard Smith can’t imagine a world without a loser.

“Richard is uncomfortable…without war.


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